there are so many vacant lots in Baltimore

Over 14,000 parcels of property are unused and neglected in baltimore city

Vacant lots are an issue of concern because they tend to attract or be subjected to illegal dumping [and] are often contaminated with hazardous wastes [which] result in unsafe conditions for children and adults... they disrupt [the] sense of community and lower property values.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Urban Environmental Program in New England

& neighborhoods in Charm City deserve better community centers

WHEN THere are so many benefits

Solving problems through voluntary participation in local community institutions and organizations is an American tradition, which is increasingly considered by contemporary policy analysts to be vital for effective urban service delivery, health promotion and disease prevention, crime and drug abuse prevention, welfare reform, and mental health service delivery.
Dr. David M. Chavis, Ph.D., President & CEO of the Association for the Study and Development of Community

so let's take charge of our community


is a nonprofit initiative that strives to empower our community

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with interested community members and local businesses to plan avenues for recreation and socialization

By Connecting

these groups and individuals with the resources of Johns Hopkins University and its affiliates

& by Promoting

a better sense of safety, community, and wellbeing for our friendly neighbors in Baltimore City and beyond

everyone is encouraged to connect with us and share the message


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